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The main design principle of the WingHouse is relatively simple. Because they come in the standard shipping container size they are easily transportable and do not need a crane to set down. The walls of the container sized unit rise up like wings (hence the name), with a built-in crane to create a large butterfly roof– this little movieshows how it is done (the design is similar to how the new Glide House unfolds onsite). Tucked behind are a pair of floors which fold down onto a foundation which is not much more than cement blocks. Panels are inset between the roof and floor with built-in windows and doors.

The result is a large interior space which can be finished in multiple ways. Because there are no internal supports, a home with a large open floor plan can accommodate three bedrooms.  Other floor plans include a four to eight bedroom dorm, an office space or just a simple meeting room. The finished units comes wired and plumbed with built-in cabinets. The butterfly roof and horizontal sections to the panels add a clear contemporary style, letting visitors know this is not the same old portable.

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