The concept behind’s Tower of Souls is based on the path between the materiality of our earthly life and the immateriality of the following unknown. The tower consists of two fundamental parts: the Underground and the Overground. The Underground contains a series of concrete public spaces used for funeral rituals and remembrance, and a private area underneath to perform cremations. As a metaphor for the spiritual, the immaterial, and the souls of the deceased people, proposes to transform part of the resulting ash from each body created intomemorial diamonds. The Overground will consist of five stratified carbon fiber moving spirals, with fine carbon fiber consoles that will support glass spheres—each keeping a memorial diamond. As more and more diamonds are collected, the spirals will rise towards the sky, bringing the “souls” of the dead up to the sky. The structure is envisioned as a sparkling sculpture in the sunlight that pays tribute to the dead.


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