If you’ve ever wanted to play the part of an underwater superhero, now may be your chance with the new x2 Sport Underwater Jet Pack. Resembling the pack from Disney’s The Rocketeer, the x2 straps onto your back and can propel the user forward with high-power hydra thrusters attached to each arm. The x2 isn’t going to scoot you past a speed boat anytime soon, but the jet pack can get you moving to 6 miles per hour, which is way faster than any human can swim.

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If swimming is just not your thing, x2 is here to take the effort out it for you. The personal propulsion system boosts the underwater experience, allowing swimmers to push forward with the grace of a dolphin. Combined with scuba gear or a breathing apparatus, the system can let underwater explorers dive deeper, faster. The patented Hydra thrusters boost your swim speed to faster than an Olympic swimmer, with all the power on your arms.

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To activate the system, all you have to do is point your arms, and squeeze the throttle grip to move forward. The power pack rests on your back, keeping it safely out of the way. The speed is controlled easily in your hands, making for an entirely different swimming, snorkeling or diving experience.

X2’s new Sport Underwater Jet Pack is currently being beta tested. Using an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, would-be water jetters can get in on the first beta version for a mere $1,400, which will let you propel across your local pool as early as March. The fully edited version is expected to set back adventure swimmers a cool $2,000.

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