Minimizing waste through recycling is one action every business can take towards sustainability. Schwinn Hardware, a well-established manufacturer of cabinet hardware, has taken that idea to the design table with a new collection called Vegan by Design.

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Multicolor handle straps

The hardware offers a unique appeal because it is created from scraps of furniture linoleum. The innovative products are sustainable through the natural makeup of linoleum, which comes from linseed, otherwise known as flaxseed. The material is known to be durable, naturally antimicrobial and contain non-allergenic properties. In addition, linoleum is biodegradable and does not release harmful gases or toxins into the air as it breaks down.

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Three dual toned handles

“Thoughtful and meaningful design is a priority at Schwinn Hardware, which goes hand-in-hand with sustainability,” said Ulrich Hauser, CEO of Schwinn Hardware. “The Vegan by Design collection incorporates several important design principles, including that design should be innovative, useful and environmentally-friendly. We also hear from designers and architects that they are interested in products that are non-toxic, non-allergenic, naturally antimicrobial and sustainably manufactured. This collection provides all of those elements and is very appropriate for many architectural and interior design styles.”

Black strap handle on a cabinet

The Vegan by Design collection includes four new cabinet handles. The Schwinn 33828 is a strap pull available in six colors (ash, iron, black, dark green, dark blue and burgundy) that makes use of brass pins fasteners in three available finishes (matte black, polished chrome and brushed brass) for a total of 12 options. 

Different kinds of strap colors

Noted designer Michael Graves designed two of the styles, the Schwinn 34026-0 and 34026-96. These pulls come in a knob or handle version and are available in burgundy and dark blue with post options in polished chrome or brushed brass. 

Different handle colors, red and green

Finally, the Schwinn 22447-32 is a distinctive, bi-color design that comes in ash, iron and matte black furniture linoleum paired with a matte black, polished chrome or matte gold base. 

Five dual toned handle colors

According to the company, the composition of the furniture linoleum used in the Vegan by Design collection is: 

Binder: linseed oil (24%), gum rosin (1%) from pine trees and resin (5%) from hydrocarbon resin oil.

Filler: wood flour (27.5%) from wood industry waste and calcium carbonate (14%) from marble and limestone.

Pigment (4%): From titanium dioxide and iron oxide-based pigments.

Backing (23.5%): Felt paper from natural cellulose fiber.

Lacquer (1%): Water-based acrylic. 

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Images via Schwinn Hardware