When it comes to shoes, sustainability, comfort and style don’t often appear at the same time. Dansko, a well-respected brand with employees on their feet in the medical, teaching and hospitality industries, might be the exception to that conundrum. 

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As a company, Dansko demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability through various aspects of its products and operations. 

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I’m Green bio-based EVA

Dansko utilizes I’m Green bio-based EVA in the Kane, Kandi and Krystal styles. This material is made from rapidly renewable sugar cane plants. Each product features over 50% of the material, reducing the use of fossil fuel-based content and the dependence on non-renewable resources.

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Vibram outsole and chrome-free materials

The Dayna sandal features a Vibram outsole, known for its durability and performance. The materials used are sourced from a minimum of 30% recycled Vibram rubber. Additionally, Dansko incorporates chrome-free materials in the Dayna sandals, such as chrome-free suede uppers and leather linings. Chrome-free materials reduce the use of harmful chemicals and minimize environmental impact.

Meanwhile, the midsole is made from natural materials from a combination of cork and EVA.

Recycled webbing

The Rosette and Racqule sandals are made with recycled webbing. By utilizing recycled materials, Dansko reduces waste and promotes resource conservation.

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Other sustainable material usage

Dansko’s Kane style is made with more than 50% bio-based material, contributing to a reduced environmental impact. Similarly, Krystal sandals are built with I’m Green materials, further emphasizing the company’s focus on sustainability.

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B Corp Certification

Dansko earned B Corp Certification long before it was en-vogue to do so. It was an easy decision for the company, which has focused on environmental and humanitarian efforts since day one. 

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Gold LEED-certified headquarters

Dansko’s headquarters is certified under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program at the gold level. This certification signifies that the building has met strict criteria for sustainable design, construction and operation.

While the company was originally best known for its clogs, it now features a full range of sandals, Mary Janes, sneakers, boots, flats, heels and more. 

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