Studio Saar has teamed up with Dharohar, a non-profit that runs science workshops and school programs, to unveil the design for a new accessible learning center in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. Known as Third Space: The Haveli of Curiosity, this learning and cultural center will support leisure, cultural and educational programs and provide high-quality facilities for learning, socializing and performing arts.

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Day view of the Jali ventilation screens and projecting wind catchers that make up the façade.

Already, Dharohar works with between 30 and 40 schools each year to facilitate programs that support student academic and extracurricular enrichment. Once open, Third Space will have enough space to accommodate 2,000 visitors each day for activities, workshops and laboratories. It will also include a theatre for film screenings and talks, a cafe, shop and store. The proposed plans for the center are inspired by traditional Haveli courtyard homes and position trees as wayfinders for visitors.

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A flexible entrance space for performances and installations.

Construction materials will include local white marble cut using water jet techniques to create ventilation screens and projecting wind catchers for enhanced passive cooling. The off-cut marble screen waste will be used to create floor tiles and wall masonry on the ground floor. Even the waste from marble dust will be used in the concrete mix to reduce cement and sand content, resulting in a whiter finish. 

A central court yard bustling with colorful festivities.

The center will also feature a rooftop garden with play spaces for children shaded with tensile fabric and a steel system to limit the use of concrete. The building site is situated adjacent to a 123-acre reforested jungle to provide hands-on opportunities to learn about nature, monitor flora and fauna and connect the community to the local ecosystems. 

A mezzanine deck with curving grid walls around the central courtyard.

“Working on Third Space has been an incredibly exciting and rewarding journey so far,” said Jonny Buckland of Studio Saar. “It was a joy to draw inspiration from architectural heritage of Rajasthan and have the freedom to reimagine it. A key challenge for us was interpreting this complex brief and being able to bind the multiple uses into a single coherent building.” Construction for the project commenced in December of 2020 and is expected to be completed by Spring 2023.

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