The masterminds behind Signal Snowboards have created a fully functional guitar out of paper. Teaming up with Epson Packaging in their Cardboard Chaos series, the crew set out to design a cardboard version of the classic Fender Stratocaster and succeeded, leaving experts speechless.

The team created a strong corrugated core for the instrument, which is transparent against the light. The neck was the most difficult challenge, as wooden guitar necks can withstand about 250 pounds of torque with the tension of strings. Their worries were unfounded, though, since Fender Custom Shop artists hand-cut the neck to fit the signature Stratocaster body style. Finishing touches included all the typical Strat parts: knobs, frets, and pickups.

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Playing the final product left those at the custom shop amazed, as the sound and playability matches a wooden Strat perfectly. The team even brought the one-of-a-kind piece to a studio, where Brad Delson of Linkin Park artfully shared some riffs. This isn’t the first time Signal Snowboards has pushed the limits of what is possible; previously the group integrated an iPad into one of their snowboards to create a functional surfboard out of cardboard. What will they do next?

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