Environmental Design student Shoko Konishi was inspired by the sky to create her paper structure “Transition”. At first it appears to be just a humble sculpture, with little clue to it’s intended use. Once inside the small entrance, however, a blossoming domed ceiling creates a captivating sky gazing experience, as these images show.

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Light glances off each of the paper petals, giving the viewer a very different experience depending on time of day and weather conditions. Made from dozens of thick pieces of paper rolled into teardrop shapes, the hand made assembly resembles plant cells under the microscope or an array of petals. The structure is inspired by nature and inspires users to appreciate natural processes. Konishi comments, “the work provides a space where you can “enjoy the transitioning sky”.

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The gently curved pod looks like a perfect place for a quiet desk break or daily meditation (as long as it’s not raining). Konishi’s project was one of 17 finalists selected at Tama University of Art’s Environmental Design department. A full gallery of this year’s finalists can be viewed here.

+Tama Art University

via Spoon & Tamago

images via Tama University / Shoko Konishi