Generation Park Y tower by Stockholm-based project development and construction group Skanska features roughly 49 feet of a gorgeous green wall. Stretching to about 72 feet long, this green wall has more than 6,000 plants of several dozen species stretching up along a huge wall of green. You can find the Generation Park Y office building in Warsaw, where its glass facade lets in light for the flourishing greenery. According to Skanska, this tower is its largest office building yet in Poland.

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An angled view of an oval-shaped wood desk in front of a large green wall.

The Generation Park Y tower is an enormous office building. It’s also the greenest skyscraper in the city, currently in the process of LEED Platinum and Building without Barriers certifications. The green wall is a reminder of the tower’s commitment to sustainability. Standing 140 meters (about 450 feet) tall, Generation Park makes it home at Warsaw’s Daszyński Roundabout.

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A sideview of an oval-shaped wood desk to the right of a large green wall.

The wall is mainly comprised of ferns, philodendrons, monsteras, peace lilies, laceleafs and aglaonemas. These plants purify the air and produce enough oxygen to provide breathable air for 150 people for 24 hours.
The arrangement is crafted with a great deal of care. Every plant has its own place in the overall design. The plants are arranged in sections, and the entire design is completely automated so they receive the right amount of nutrients, light and water. Three rows of about 150 “feeding” lights provide for the thousands of plants. Together, the plants create a microclimate that Skanska labels the “forest effect.”

A person standing at the green wall with the desk to the right.

As Skanska said in a project statement, “These types of green solutions create a calming and relaxing effect, draw attention to nature, but also have a positive effect on acoustics, reducing noise levels.” Rafał Stoparczyk, Skanska’s CEE commercial development business unit’s project manager, added, “At Skanska, we like to focus on unique and original solutions. The idea of ​​such a huge wall filled with vegetation sounded like a challenge we wanted to take on. The final effect exceeded our wildest expectations. The wall makes an extraordinary impression both when we are inside the building and when looking from the outside.”

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Images courtesy of Radoslaw NAWROCKI /dla SKANSKA POLSKA