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The building has a terraced seven-story-high form that provides great views of the surroundings to each of the living units. Although the building is predominantly dedicated to housing, its ground floor features spaces designated for commercial content. The overall round shape opens up towards the north-east and the area between the Strata House and the new residential development. It also creates a connection with the south-east corner on the embankment by the bridge. Two separate ramps lead to two stories of car parking located under the ground level and meant to accommodate 126 vehicles.

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The building features a facade design based on modularity and in order to establish optimal conditions for the residents the architects decided to introduce passive sustainable strategies to the project, including natural cross ventilation and exposed thermal mass, wrapped in an envelope made out of glass. They also used recycled materials including timber from reclaimed city power poles, and concrete and paving materials made up of a large portion of recycled substances. The sustainable profile of the building is strengthen by introducing LED lighting.

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