Organic Shelter sits in the middle of a forest, with a lake transitioning smoothly away from it. Nature is all around, creating stunning views for everyone inside. This beautiful modern home is the latest project from Studio Organic’s Aga Kobus and Grzegorz Goworek.

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To the left, a side-view of a single-level home on a lake. To the right, a front view of the home.

Kobus and Goworek decided to make the lake and the landscape part of the home design itself. Nature surrounds the house, unspoiled, wild and pure. The house is not an intruder into this natural world; it’s made to be a part of it.

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A close-up side-view of the home, with a white deck and black overhanging roof.

The house is made from natural materials such as stone and wood. Polish limestone gives the home its distinct look, alongside burned larch wood that creates black planks. These elements combine for a simple, elegant and modern design with clean lines.

A neutral-toned living room with white sofas.

Inside, the minimalist style continues. Japanese design influenced the flow of the interior spaces. Glass surfaces allow plenty of natural light, and the rooms have light colors to keep the spaces feeling airy and open. The walls and floor are oak, with matching oak boards on the ceiling. Upholstery and fabrics in the space are made of natural linen and cotton. Lamps woven with wooden strips hang over the table.

A neutral-toned dining room with lights made of woven wood strips hanging over a wood dining table and chairs.

Soft edges and simple lines define the space. Organic Shelter’s minimalist, beautiful design takes nothing away from the amazing natural views outside. The living area is full of curving sofas that look out over the lake and the trees. This creates a continuous effect, bringing the home and lake into a seamless flow.

A white free-standing bathtub in a room of glass walls, with a green plant hanging overhead.

As Studio Organic explained in a press release, “The house flows smoothly into the surface of the lake, surrounded by a forest, with the southern exposition. It sounds like a dream of every nature lover. This is what the latest project of the Studio Organic looks like.”

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Images via Studio Organic