Thrust Electric Bikes got restaurant owners thinking recently with their new Eco-Delivery bikes, which they unveiled at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas. The new product appeals to pizza shop owners’ eco-friendly sensibilities but it also gets right to the point – ditching your delivery car for this bike could save them some serious cash. The new bikes are emission-free and can be charged using electricity or solar power which is great for the environment and considering the cost of a car, insurance and gas, pizza places could really benefit from switching. Sadly, we don’t think we’ll see those savings translate into cheaper pizza though…

The bikes don’t run on petrol or gas which, in itself, is sure to cut costs for owners considering the rising cost of fuel. But that’s not all. These wheels are technically categorized as bicycles, not motor vehicles, so they don’t need to be insured, saving a hefty fee. In some areas, owners may even qualify for federal tax credits paid out to people who make the switch to electric vehicles.

And while some business owners might be concerned about speed, (the bike can travel up to 20MPH on a flat surface), Thrust makes the argument that deliveries made on them might even be faster than those in a car since they can ride in bike lanes and are not subject to being stuck in traffic. They can also bypass looking for parking (the bane of many food delivery people in urban areas) and go straight up to the apartment they’re delivering to.

Starting at $4,995, the bikes aren’t cheap. However, when you consider how much you’d be paying in insurance fees and gas for a car, the price seems quite reasonable.

+ Thrust Electric