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kitHAUS has built a number of backyard offices, studios, guest rooms and more, all geared to the backyard, accessory dwelling unit market. Shea Homes got wind of the idea and thought it would be perfect to serve as their sales center, where it will help sell homes in Mission Valley. The beauty of it is that the little office is completely mobile and can be moved on to the next location when it is needed. This kitHAUS was completed in 3 weeks and was moved last week to a more permanent location with additional landscaping.

All the parts are precision cut, then shipped to the site and assembled by bolting the aluminum frame together, and inserting the SIPs. Modules can be customized for materials, indoor accessories, outdoor shade devices and decks. They can also be outfitted with a solar system to provide off grid power if necessary. In the case of the sales center, the pod makes use of front and side louvered doors, louvered shade screens and a large deck leading up to the office. Insulated and air conditioned, the interior will be comfortable regardless of the season.

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