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Dennis Vullings and Lotte de Moor’s Ont-luik pavilion is a small wooden structure that provides a transformable space for reflection and meditation. The pavilion was chosen as one of the winning designs at Cultura Nova, an event that takes place in the south of the Netherlands every year. It will remain open to the public until September 7th.

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The designers decided to take a visual cue from the city itself and create a small freestanding structure that references metal shutters often seen throughout Heerlen. Instead of using new material, they opted for reused wood and discarded shutters and built a tiny building which can change its configuration depending on the desired level of intimacy and natural lighting. With its front side open, Ont-Luik can also be used as a kind of stage where people can perform and showcase their artistic skills.

+ Vullings de Moor

Images via Vullings de Moor