It must be eco-stadium madness here at Inhabitat, because here’s yet another stadium design, this time as part of Tokyo’s bid proposal for the 2016 Summer Olympics. Tomorrow is the big day for the International Olympic Committee, who will be deciding the host city for the 2016 games. Tokyo is hoping to entice the IOC with their sustainably oriented plan, use of solar power, renovation of existing facilities and compact layout of the Olympic Village. Tokyo is up against some very strong competitors though and will have shine brightly to win the bid over Chicago, Madrid and Rio de Janeiro.

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The main stadium located in the heart of the city near the water and will be completely powered by solar power, just like the solar stadium in Taiwan used in the 2009 World Games. The Tokyo 2016 Bid Team is playing up their environmental efforts showcasing what Tokyo has to offer in terms of sustainability and how the city will ensure that the environment is a top priority.

On top of the solar stadium, Tokyo will work to reuse current facilities and rework them, rather than building brand new facilities which requires the use of virgin resources and more energy during construction. Many of the facilities will include green roofs to help reduce stormwater runoff. And with Tokyo already being a dense and compact city, 97% of the facilities and venues used for the 2016 games will be located with an 8km radius of the Olympic Stadium and Village. This tight and compact plan will help encourage the use of public transportation, reduce driving by car and hopefully ease traffic congestion.

Good luck to the four cities vying for the games. May the most sustainable bid win!

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