New York may have Spiderman, but it seems that Tokyo now has its very own friendly neighborhood Power Ranger. While he’s not exactly saving lives, 27-year-old Tadahiro Kanemasu is helping overburdened commuters. Donned in superhero garb, Tadahiro Kanemasu helps travelers with heavy bags navigate neighborhood transit stations in the west of the city that are not equipped with elevators or escalators.

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Two hours a day (we assume not during rush hour), Kanemasu helps the elderly, mothers with strollers and those carrying their groceries up and down the stairs of Tokyo’s busy stations.

Now of course, you’re all wondering why the ‘green’ Power Ranger? Well, Kanemasu works as an organic greengrocer and thought that the $41 outfit was the best possible uniform for his endeavors. He also noted that people seem to be more “receptive” to his aid while masked, though a fair few did turn his help down because he looked ‘weird’.

“Japanese people find it hard to accept help, they feel obligated to the other person, so the mask really helps me out,” said Tadahiro Kanemasu.

His example has also inspired others, and in interviews he’s said that he hopes to form his own Power Ranger team of subway helpers!

Would you accept help from The Avengers on the New York subway, or run fast in the opposite direction?

Via Huffington Post