It goes without saying that there have been some truly impressive and useful innovations in world of eco-friendly products, but with everyone racing to develop the next big thing there are bound to be a few flops. Here at Inhabitat we applaud every effort to help us reduce our carbon footprint and live greener cleaner lives, but we can’t help but notice that some attempts have missed the mark. This list is comprised of our favorite silly eco inventions, products and ideas. Really, what fun would it be if we only covered the good stuff?

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5. PETaPOTTY for Dogs

Ahhh another attempt to bring the outdoors in. While we usually endorse this kind of greening of one’s living space we’re afraid the people at PETaPOTTY might have taken it to far. This portable patch of grass (available with and without wheels) comes equipped with its very own concealed drainage system, and claims to be easy to clean. While featured on ABC news, PETaPOTTY claims that now “spoiling your best friend is even better for the environment”. News flash from Inhabitat – just because it contains grass it does not make it green.

4. Solar Powered Bra

Can I just say that I love Triumph Lingerie! A solar powered bra that comes equipped with two-cup holders, an electronic billboard, and can charge my cell. What more could a girl ask for? This is absolutely silly but totally amazing.

3. The Hybrid SUV

While I fully recognize that Hybrid technology is an extremely important innovation in the field of transportation I feel that this list would be incomplete if I did not mention the hybrid SUV. Tracing along the lines of oxy-morons like jumbo shrimp, free love or working holidays, the hybrid SUV gets worse gas mileage than most sedans and requires tremendous amounts of virgin resources to produce. This “green” vehicle certainly falls short of ever really being eco.

2. Eco Button

Plug this earth-emblazoned eco button into your computer and then press it to automatically send your computer into sleep mode. I have heard that one could achieve a similar effect by either closing their laptop or using the ever-so-complicated drop down menu.

1. Solar Powered Fan Hat

There are a couple of things that should never have been invented – socks and sandals, the fanny pack, and this solar-powered fan hat. Sure to brighten your day or the planet – if only because you will be laughing and pointing at the person wearing it. It does absolutely nothing to help the environment, and one could probably produce the same amount of cooling air by waving a magazine in front of their face.