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LinkedIn 6

LinkedIn‘s NYC office space focuses on employee wellness and active design, and employs shifted desk alignments that are adjustable for optimal work comfort. The design also recognizes the need for interaction away from a personal desk, and boasts several playful and collaborative areas and formal meeting spaces. Employees can unwind in a café, a screening room with video games, a fitness room, or a billiards lounge.

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Instead of ornamenting the place with multi-colored Googlesque touches, LinkedIn NYC decided to take a more monotone approach with naturally-lit walkways (decorated with black-and-white photos of employee pets!), bold LinkedIn-blue accents, and a ‘speakeasy’ lounge hidden behind a wall of vintage telephones and 1920s-style bowler hats. How do you access this secret lounge? Pick up and hang up one of the phones to unlatch the hidden door to a vibrant private retreat.

The classy social club office adds a touch of lively humor to a professional setting. The design encourages spontaneous meetings and creative dialogue: the key ingredients for effective networking.

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All photos by Eric Laignel.