What’s not to love about a 95-room hotel with a giant, 400 foot built-in ski slope – especially if it’s powered by wind and sun? This is one resort that definitely redefines on-slope accommodations. Designed by the always imaginative Michael Jantzen, this eco-hotel offers a new way to experience the frosty luxuries of Aspen with all of our favorite green features.

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Eight wind turbines and an array of solar cells supply most of the hotel’s energy needs, and each of the 95 rooms has operable windows that offer guests the advantage of fresh air. South facing windows help heat a large thermal mass in the floor of the lobby, providing passive solar heating along with a number of deeply buried earth pipes.

Additional amentities planned for the hotel include an eco-spa and gym with electricity-generating exercise equipment, and a number of shopping and dining options include a bar at the top of the slope. Jantzen hopes that the design will “once again demonstrate(s) how even the most luxurious places on earth can, and should be, built in an earth friendly way.”

+ Michael Jantzen