Dutch design trio We Make Carpets has reinvented the form of the traditional woven rug by creating brilliant installation carpets by weaving together unusual materials. In the past, the collective created their carpets from products that once used have no value, such as pegs, pasta, and paper-clips (take a look at their archives). Now they have created a new series of five decorative carpets constructed entirely from folded paper-boats.

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The team use their installation pieces to re-evaluate ideas of consumer society and inspire new thoughts about a society. As the weaving process as an applied art has traditionally held connotations of “wealth, prestige and power,” they see their work as “a contemporary interpretation of wealth.” ‘Woven’ from layers of A5 folded pieces of paper the carpets are an awesome example of labour-intensive production. The carpets were recently exhibited in Paradiso in Amsterdam.

+ We Make Carpets

Images courtesy of We Make Carpets