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A system of pulleys and hooks help to control the surface tensions of the glassy convertible. Each of the red ropes is connected and strung through seventeen spring hooks that span the surfaces of the raft’s interior. The hooks are accessible through the raft’s surface, and easy to reach thanks to the transparent quality of the plastic skin.

When all of NEST’s hooks are in use, the structure inflates flat, creating a comfortable and cushy mattress like surface that can be used as a pop-up bed. But adjust the arrangement of the ropes through just the most central hooks and each end of the raft is pulled into a peak, creating a sitting area inside.

When converted into a one-person raft, NEST is transformed into room for a singular seat that is protected from the water, while allowing space for the user to row with a paddle. Set in a reclining position, the raft can be used on ponds or lakes, giving the user an easy mode of transportation and relaxation on the water.

The lightweight inflatable structure eliminates clutter and packing when embarking on outdoor adventures, providing a comfortable place to sleep when camping, as well as providing outdoor entertainment for the nature lover.

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