Fernando and Humberto Campana, the Brazilian brother design duo, have long been known for their unique combination of craft-meets-contemporary, recycled-meets-high design furniture. This past summer, they debuted their latest creations, called TransPlastic, at London’s Albion Gallery, which showcased their wicker and plastic crafty yet modern furniture designs. We love the super-cool take on a vernacular form, made hip and new using traditional materials in a cocoon-like encasing technique.

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The TransPlastic collection encapsulated many concepts explored throughout the Campanas’ work history: revisiting material clashes with a more mature approach. All the TransPlastic pieces are handcrafted with a very typical brazilian fiber called ‘apuí’. The extraction of this fiber helps preserve and control the biodiversity of the forests as apuí suffocates and kills the trees from which they grow. These fibers are removed manually, without any tools or processes that may harm the trees. The fiber is an analogy for this series of work; the wicker begins to grow from the plastic, suffocating and drawing nourishment from it, reinforcing the original theses of the fictional story Fernando and Humberto campana have chosen to tell.

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