With oil prices at a record high, it comes as no surprise to find alternative vehicles such as the Lumeneo Smera catching the eye of car enthusiasts everywhere. The Smera is a two seat, four wheel electric vehicle that is narrow enough to maneuver as a motorcycle. We’ve heard of small vehicles, but the Smera is taking thin to a new transportation extreme.

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The Smera is 2.4 metres (8 feet) long, and 80 cm (less than 3 feet) wide. It can hit a top speed of 80mph, and will take you 93 miles on one charge. The vehicle is quite narrow, and handles more like a motorcycle than a car, tilting around curves rather than turning. The wheels are powered by dual electric 20hp motors, which according to the manufacturers, will last you for 200,000 km. It is powered by a 144 volt lithium ion battery, which can be charged in a few hours.

It is certainly a small vehicle, and a powerful one for its size. Here’s hoping that this vehicle, which at the moment is but a concept, does make it into production by 2009. The expected cost will be between 20-30,000 Euros.

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