We love it when people take a familiar idea and turn it into something completely new. Take the good old pedal boat — a simple vehicle powered by human motion, not unlike the trusty bicycle. What if one could create an amphibious human-powered vehicle that could move from land to water with the ease of a salamander? That was the inspiration behind the radically innovative Di-Cycle Concept by GBO design, a half bicycle / half pedal boat hybrid that looks as fun as it sounds.

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The Di-Cycle Concept is particularly well suited for the Netherlands, where there is an ardent biking culture and plenty of water. Therefore it comes as no surprise that this is where the Di-Cycle was developed. GBO design wanted to create a fun and active vehicle that could explore the city using both roads and the multiple canals in the city of Helmond. The Di-Cycle looks like an enjoyable way to get around any aquatic city, and for this creative design, GBO won the Brabantse Spelen design competition in 2005. Truly a spectacular and eye popping concept.

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