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One of the most important elements of this project was to ensure that the materials used would have a negligible impact on the extraordinary environment in which a visitor center and 500,000 square feet of pathways and platforms, as well as bridges and furniture, are currently being built. That aim has been achieved by using weathered Cor-ten steel and small glass panes in some of the platforms, and in other cases, the lookouts have been carved into the hillside to completely minimize the visual impact.

Water and rock are central features of the new facilities commissioned by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration that enable the less intrepid traveler to experience being at such high elevations without having to climb up. Although very attractive, these pathways and platforms in no way detract from the majesty of the Trollstigen Plateau. For another glimpse of Reiulf Ramstad’s work, check out this striking visitor center at the foot of Troll Cliff.

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