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The Tuck Bed collection exemplifies everything that we love about CASA Kids: fresh, kid-friendly designs that are adaptable to New York’s shrinking spaces. The single Tuck Bed can be mounted either vertically or horizontally, giving parents ultimate flexibility for small rooms.

When they fold down, which they do very easily with gaps in between moving parts that are specifically designed with child safety in mind, these beds only take up 12 1/4″ of space. Integrated shelves also provide structural support and an optional magnetic board, chalkboard or dry erase board can be integrated into the bottoms to encourage creativity.

The double tuck bed is engineered to fit the weight of two adults, and when folded into a small cabinet, it only takes up 12 1/4″ of space. Like the original Tuck Bed, an optional creative panel can be added to the bottom and the designer recommends that children aged 10 and up use the upper bunk. Optional modular shelving can also be added to both the single and full size units for buyers who require just a little bit of extra storage.

CASA Kids uses only sustainable timber for their products, which are all built locally to mitigate the environmental impact associated with shipping goods long distances. Designed for durability, these highly adaptable birch plywood beds will stay in the family for many years – and a new walnut brown finish will be unveiled for the first time at BKLYN Designs 2013!

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