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Upon entering the technology office space, guests are greeted with two vertical green columnsat the reception area. The indoor greenery does not stop there, as a grassy wall fence leads back to the open offices. An amazing lawn-like cube is cut out of the center of the the main office, while trees and plants sprout out of theconcrete floor throughout the rooms and hallways. Even a grassy hill sits under the stairs of one area, making for the most relaxing conference room ever! And what is any green office without a terrace? Employees can sit outside on breaks and take in the panoramic treetop views on their metal landing surrounded with shrubbery.

While greenery certainly brightens up a room, it is nothing without the right environment. The new office layout is open and light, with only glass partitions separating each room. Floor to ceiling windows create a fresh and bright space for air to flow freely and plants to thrive.

TSEH Architect’s eco-takeover incorporates a ton of green and grassy features, but it also preserves most of the original outlines of the industrial loft. The design was not to destroy the past of the space, but to build upon it, to give it a bright and fresh future. Many parts of the ceiling remain unfinished, exposing wires and pipes, while the original concrete walls and floors remain intact. This is definitely an office we’d love to work in!

+ TSEH Architectural Group

images via TSEH Architects Facebook