Researchers at TU Delft recently teamed up with Dutch architecture firm Mecanoo to design a bird-friendly wind turbine that can transform wind energy into electricity without any mechanical moving parts. The turbine, dubbed the EWICON, was installed at the Delft University of Technology in March.

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The Electrostatic Windenergy Convertor (EWICON) is a wind turbine that has no moving parts. Designed by Mecanoo, the prototype uses the technology developed by the EWI faculty in collaboration with Wageningen University and several companies involved in a government ecology project. The bladeless wind turbine uses the movement of electrically charged water droplets to generate power. It can be installed both onshore and offshore, or mounted on a roof.

The EWICON’s steel fram supports a framework of horizontal steel tubes. Within the framework, electrically charged droplets are created and blown away by the wind. Their movement creates an electric current that is then passed on to the grid. The remarkable wind turbine produces zero noise pollution; it doesn’t cast shadows, and because there are no moving parts, it has much lower maintenance costs than conventional wind turbines.

+ Mecanoo

+ TU Delft: Ewicon

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