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An icon for innovation, iWEB was first unveiled at the Floriade World Exhibition in 2002. The pavilion looks like a grounded flying saucer, and it functions as a multidisciplinary facility, encouraging cross-disciplinary research and events for tackling relevant environmental problems of our time. Currently under restoration and redevelopment due to a fire that harmed most of its organic shiny body back in 2008, it is getting ready to become a lab for climate research and sustainable solutions as iWEB 3.

With the help of two industrial ABB irb 6400 robots this Hyperbody will self-build its own components and demonstrate a proactive architecture and the possibilities that emergent technologies offer. Using the principles of Swarm Behaviour, managers, architects, urban planners and project developers will all benefit from the improved communication and sharing digital information through five large screens and a multi-channel audio system inside the space. This working environment will enable experts to make fast and informative prototypes of organizational diagrams, spatial designs, planning schemes and project development concepts while saving resources, time and money.

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Photo © Ana Lisa Alperovich for Inhabitat