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Tianjin Bridged – Qiaoyuan post-industrial park is a 54-acre site built on what was once a heavy polluted, littered and deserted garbage dump. The city’s municipal government called Turenscape to design a sustainable regeneration of the site, and construction took place over two years. With very little maintenance needed, the architects created several garden spaces with an emphasis on native vegetation, biodiversity and providing people with green spaces for solitude and relaxation.

The site’s regeneration was a good opportunity for improving the quality of the soil, while creating rainwater catchment facilities and designing a cherished aesthetic experience. Seeds of various plant species were sowed initially to start the vegetation, and other native species were left to grow freely, allowing nature to co-design the landscape. Designed with plenty of wetlands and ponds that grow during the raining season, this community park in Tianjin it’s a natural oasis in a populated Chinese city.

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