The Heathrow Airport expansion may finally receive a green light to progress. After years of delays, the UK government endorsed a vision to add another runway to the airport in west London. A sixth terminal designed by Grimshaw Architects is also part of the expansion vision.

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In agreement with the Airports Commission’s recommendation, the UK government offered their endorsement of the Heathrow expansion over adding a second runway to Gatwick Airport south of London. The UK Department for Transport said the government’s decision would boost the economy, and the government said the project could create 77,000 jobs. They proposed a night flight ban and noise restrictions to combat noise pollution.

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Heathrow Airport had already chosen Grimshaw Architects as the designer for a sixth terminal, hoping to send the signal they would be ready to start the project once they obtained government approval. It was Heathrow’s opinion that after uncertainty following the vote to leave the European Union, the government could show confidence in the UK’s economy and future by expanding the airport. Grimshaw Architects says their vision for the new terminal is affordable and sustainable.

But not everyone is thrilled with the decision to expand the airport. A new runway could bring in thousands more flights each year, increasing air and noise pollution in London according to Mayor Sadiq Khan. Green party co-leader Jonathan Bartley told The Guardian, “The decision to expand Heathrow tramples over the concerns of local people and puts a wrecking ball through the government’s claim to be concerned about climate change.” The village of Harmondsworth will be at least partly demolished to make room for the expansion, and residents feel upset and betrayed.

Parliament will vote on the airport expansion next year or in 2018 and if granted approval the new runway could be completed in 2025.

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