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The narrow Casa CorManca designed by Paul Cremoux Studio is a three story residence built on a 1894 square foot plot in Mexico City. South-facing, the slate-clad house has an interior courtyard, and the living wall reaches from the entryway right up to the top terrace. Most of the main functions are built into the second level, which also has a small lecture studio and leads to an open patio garden. The green wall was planted with 4,000 plants that help to improve the air quality and humidity.

Sustainability is important to Paul Cremoux. As such, the studio used only low VOC paint, ensured maximum natural ventilation, and installed three chimneys that evacuate hot air as a low-energy response to creating a comfortable interior environment. It’s a fabulous design that brings nature into the heart of the city.

+ Paul Cremoux Studio

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Photos © Héctor Armando Herrera