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As the lights display a continuous series of hectic, flashing images on the tank’s vast interior, sounds react to the unique acoustics, creating a dizzying atmosphere designed to make viewers lose themselves in the spacious vat. In many ways the installation recalls a religious experience of sorts, drawing the viewers eyes and thoughts up to the large cathedral-like interior. According to sound designer Jonas Wiese, the current 320 Licht project is a statement on the Gasometer’s immense size, “We tried to work with that expression to make the space bigger and smaller, to deform it and to change its surface over and over while not exaggerating and overwriting the original effect of the room.”

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This isn’t the first time that the former industrial petroleum holder has been used as a massive canvas for innovative artistic expression. Just last year, Bulgarian environmental artist Christo used the immense tank to display his Big Air Package exhibition. 320 Licht is part of a larger exhibition, The Appearance of Beauty that will run through December 30, 2014.

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Photography © Wolfgang Volz