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Vaulot&Dyevre, Insectopia, insect houses, insect house installation, art, Paris designers, biodiversity art, wood installation

Intricate conglomerates of small wooden dwellings populate the parks of the 13th arrondissement in Paris and look like tiny futuristic insect hotels. From a distance, the structures look like pixelated globes resting on a pole, but step closer and you can see hundreds of tiny bird house-shaped structures that only an insect could fit into. The bug houses are mounted on top of each other, creating a small metropolis inhabited by different species of insects.

The artists’ intention was to create universes in constant motion. They are meant to arouse curiosity and engage with the imagination of passers-by. We’re very curious to see the installation actually populated with insects, buzzing around creating an effect of a fluid world in perpetual movement.

+ Vaulout & Dyèvre

Via Treehugger