Art Bar founder Jen Black has been a creative director and designer for international brands since 1996. Her idea for the Berlin-based company came to life in 2018, after she made the concrete decision to live and create in alignment with her values. The main mission of the Art Bar is to encourage self care and body positivity by providing organic soaps with natural ingredients, like plant-derived base oils, glycerin and essential oils. There are no chemicals, preservatives or toxins, and all soaps are vegan and cruelty-free.

soap suds on brown bar of natural soap

“Industrial, non-organic soaps are detergents that are made up of harsh substances and lathering agents,” according to the company. “Since organic soaps contain natural ingredients, they not only work to cleanse the skin, but also have healing properties that can greatly contribute to the treatment of eczema, acne and other conditions.” The organic, raw ingredients are in line with current trends in the soap market, and Europe is expected to be one of the fastest-growing regions for herbal, cruelty-free and chemical-free soap products to meet demand.

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beige soap with label that reads, "Art Bar, Black Clove," near some yellow leaves
bars of soap on steel table

These vegan soaps are designed to eliminate the need for purchasing multiple beauty products, which can be a big contributor to waste when you add up all those plastic tubes and containers. Art Bar soaps are packed in recyclable or recycled materials to support the climate and replace plastic packaging.

artistic composition of natural soaps and chess pieces
beige bar of soap next to art print with two faces

To pair with the soaps, Black is providing limited-edition art prints that comment on society and encourage customers to think critically. Many pieces examine topics like the female experience, relationships, dark humor and politics. Currently, the prints are created by Black herself, although there will soon be a collection from other female artists producing special editions as well. The idea is to build a community of support for budding female artists and spread their work. Each print is signed by hand, printed in small runs and numbered. New art comes out regularly, so customers can continue to collect different pieces.

+ Jen Black

Images via Jen Black