Crucial to the function of the brain, heart and eyes, among other bodily systems, it’s easy to see why omega-3 supplements are a popular choice. Unlike other options on the market, Calgee’s vegan omega-3 provides a fish-free, sustainable source of the essential polyunsaturated fatty acids without endangering animals or the planet. 

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In addition to cardiovascular, brain and eye health, research credits omega-3s with immune support, overall physical performance and focus, sleep quality and improved mood. Omega-3s may also play a role in joint function, muscle recovery and skin suppleness. DHA, one of the fatty acids in omega-3s, is recommended during fetal development, but since there are concerns around eating fish while pregnant, vegan supplements offer a safe alternative. 

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Calgee omega-3 supplements are plant-based, made from algae. The ingredient list is short: algal oil, modified tapioca starch, glycerin, water, sunflower oil, tocopherols, rosemary oil and ascorbyl palmitate. The product is certified vegan, made in the USA, non-GMO and carrageenan-free. Algae is grown in a controlled indoor environment with no added chemicals or toxins for a minimal environmental footprint.

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Calgee’s message is “Nurture the future.” With that in mind, the product packaging is also plant-based. Made from sugarcane, the pouches are carbon-negative and 100% recyclable. The company reported, “Calgee’s initial run of pouches generated a negative carbon footprint of 31 kg after taking production and logistics emissions into account. Since they’re made from renewable resources, their production process is carbon negative. This means that the production of these pouches actually removes more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than it emits.”

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Calgee is a proud member of 1% for the Planet and has chosen Sea Hugger to receive 1% of the company’s gross sales. In addition to practicing corporate responsibility from plant to package, Calgee hopes to inform customers about ways to protect the ocean. Shipments arrive with information about Sea Hugger’s mission to protect and improve the ocean environment and tips for consumers such as using bamboo toilet paper, practicing proper recycling, skipping single use plastics and supporting local farmers. 

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