Making the switch to veganism is not an easy decision. It is critical to consume all essential nutrients in order to maintain a healthy body. There are many good vegan alternatives to include and seaweed is one such item. Seaweed has emerged as a healthy and super nutritious food option in recent years. And is said to be a good fish substitute. It contains nutrients like omega-3s, iodine, Vitamin B12, calcium and magnesium. Now, there is some good news for Portland residents. You can try out mouthwatering pop-up dinners hosted at the restaurant Mestizo in Portland.

Veganizer is producing the two vegan dinners in the Winter Waters event series for this February. The website describes the mission of Winter Water to “raise awareness of farmed sea vegetables as a superfood culinary ingredient, and to improve local Oregon coast food systems.”

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The initiative focuses on farmed sea vegetables such as wakame, kombu, sea lettuce and dulse. Veganizer previously collaborated with Blue Evolution on a vegan seaweed dinner at Morchella in April 2022. Together, through this new series they are introducing “two vegan and gluten-free seaweed-centric dinners.” 

Two strands of seaweed pulled above an ocean

What’s special about this Winter Waters series is that there are only two entirely plant-based dinners, while the majority of the dishes are seafood-focused (fish, oysters, sea urchin and crab). Perhaps this makes the dinners a must-try!

The dinner ideas come from Portland’s exciting vegan popups, thus, providing a whole new experience with food prepared by top vegan chefs. Feral, a popup by chefs Ryan Koger and August Winningham, and another plant-based Papi by Chef Jewan Manuel have come on board for these fascinating dinners. The restaurant has created a special bar menu by Nan Chaison. 

Waz Wu is a content creator, food writer and leads Veganizer. Since 2017, Wu has been hosting collaborative vegan popups and has collaborated with vegan, vegetarian and omnivore chefs and restaurants. Past collaborators have included Mama Dut, Fermenter, Kate’s Ice Cream and Mis Tacones.

The upcoming seaweed-based dishes dinner is slated for Sunday, February 26. To reserve your spot, visit the event website. Some portion of the ticket sales will go toward the conservation of Oregon kelp forests, which is being led by the Oregon Kelp Alliance, a multi-sector collaboration.

Via Winter Waters

Images via Winter Waters