Suppose you really like the hunting lodge aesthetic: rustic timber logs, Navajo rugs, deer heads mounted on the wall ? only you are vegan. This is a question I’m sure many a sensitive young city slicker has pondered. The answer has arrived in the form of the trophy lamp.

Designer Isabelle Rolland hand molds these resin deer-head lamps, for a new take on the cherished cultural icon. The lighting element is composed of fluorescent tubes with dimmable ballast. These are quite pricey (at $3299), but they are hand made and resin is very expensive. I hope the designer is able to take these into mass production some day, so she can churn these out at IKEA style prices.

If you can’t wait for that day to come, there is always Buck ? the animated Karaoke-singing deer head, brought to by the same kind people who brought us Big?Mouth Billy Bass. He retails for a fraction of the price of the Trophy lamp. I have to say that everytime I tell people about Buck, they look at me in horror and start to back away slowly. However I think he’s cute. He looks strikingly like a real deer head, and the mechanical singing conjurs up fond memories of Chuck-E-Cheese’s pizza parties and George Harrison’s “I got my mind set on you video”. Am I the only one out there who thinks this is a good thing?