Modern methods of fashion have led to worldwide global catastrophe. The plastics, the waste, the non-recyclable materials…it has all added up to the biggest environmental crisis humankind has ever faced. WAMA Underwear is turning to hemp, one of the most sustainable fabrics in the world.

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A male and female model with their bodies facing each other wearing teal underwear and the women is wearing a black bra

What is hemp, anyway? It’s a plant that is similar to tobacco that was once widely grown throughout the American south. The plant can be processed into fibers that create a tough fabric. The material was popularly used to make pants for farmers in the early 1800s. The material made from hemp is very much like linen. By texture, feel and appearance, the two are difficult to tell apart. However, hemp is much more eco-friendly than linen.

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Two models, the female is leaning her elbow on his shoulder wearing a black bra and short set while he is wearing black boxers

Hemp is tough, natural and can be used to make any kind of clothing. All the hemp used to make WAMA’s hemp underwear is grown and manufactured in China, the world’s leading producer of hemp textiles. All the fabrics undergo rigorous testing for fiber content, colorfastness, shrinkage and bursting strength.

A model pulling up a black underwear

Additionally, hemp is naturally anti-bacterial. It has anti-odor qualities, so it doesn’t trap smells. It’s also a comfortable, breathable material. The best part? Every time you wash it, hemp gets a little bit softer.

A female model with her arm wrapped around a male model in front of her. They are both holding up underwear from a box

WAMA also uses low-impact, fiber-reactive dyes for all their hemp underwear. The dye is non-toxic and works to directly react with the fiber, which creates a color that is bonded to the fabric. This is opposed to the vat-dyeing techniques typically used in clothing manufacturing, which are incredibly toxic for people and the environment.

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WAMA’s line of underwear includes bras and panties styles for women and brief and boxer styles for men. The range of styles available includes bikini underwear, hipster panties, bras, bralettes, thongs, boy shorts and high-waisted styles. All designs are available in multiple color options and sizes.

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