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Warehouse 8B is An Avant Garde Office Made From Recycled Roof Shingles

Figuring out how to stock and bond the tiles so that they could be used as an interior building material required a lot of thought. It was also important to manage their weight, but the designers prevailed in the end thanks to their ingenuity. Laid on top of one another, the tiles make hollow bricks that create a harmonious acoustical environment.

While most of the walls are comprised of shingles stacked on top of one another, certain portions were left unstacked, allowing natural lighting to permeate the dark building. This configuration also creates optimum thermal massing so that the building won’t require too much energy to maintain a comfortable temperature. The original architect, Luis Bellido, would no doubt be proud to see the tiles that are no longer great for roofing put to such spectacular re-use.

+ Arturo Franco

Via Dezeen