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Koen Olthuis, architect and founder of Waterstudio.NL, designed the entire structure, including furniture pieces. His main idea was to create a space which would blend into and complement its surroundings. Because of strict local limitations when it comes to waterfront architecture, the volume of the building was limited. The architects addressed this issue by introducing an underground level which provides more space within the envelope.

The building is outlined with a white frame and features large glass surfaces that allow for natural lightingto reach the interior. The frame accentuates different views of the landscape and rises in the center to mark the main entrance. The façade alternates between materials like Corian and glass.

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The underground level houses the master bedroom, kids’ bedrooms, wellness area and the lounge. The inner garden, filled with bamboo treesand gravel, can be experienced from different corners of the house and is well connected with the master bedroom. The furniture, also designed by Koen Olthuis, is round and features soft materials, which act as a visual counterpoint to the hard Corian used in the facade.

+ Waterstudio.NL

Via Contemporist Photos by Koen Olthuis – Waterstudio.NL