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With installations that range from small to large, WE MAKE CARPETS have demonstrated that no material is too dull to turn into colorful works of art. Most recently they presented a carpet made of rows and rows of colorful sponges at the Dutch Design Week 2012, while Disposable carpet is made with a dizzying array of recycled plastic disposable items that from afar resemble lace or embroidery. That it’s difficult to distinguish the material from a distance is partially what makes this project so exciting.

Having treated “trash” with so much disdain over the last couple of decades, chucking away items that have outlived their usefulness, we have largely forgotten that even sponges and bottles are made with precious resources that are in scant supply. WE MAKE CARPETS allow us to see these items as integral components of a more beautiful whole, thereby shifting the paradigm. And then there is the Candybar carpet. We wonder how long that one lasted?


Via Yatzer