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Like much of China, the Flower City will inhabit an area of the country with heavily polluted waterways. In order to ensure the longevity of the region, the local government called for urban plans that would transform the local ecology, and self-sustainably clean up the pollution problems. The eight square mile site includes 450 hectares of wetland, that requires cleaning and preservation.

In order to organize the region to be most efficient, West 8 divided it into horticulture and urban zones, that are located around residential areas and historical monuments. New residential areas will be surrounded by green areas, to offer a balance between nature and urban living. A horticultural and herbal research center will further connect the locals to the growing greenery of the land.

West 8’s plan also transforms all of the regions roads and canals into community-oriented centers, planted lushly with flowers and other plants, evoking park land throughout the city. Through the introduction of flowering plants, the city will be transformed into a welcoming and ecologically rich center. To commemorate this ideal, a large central park will be constructed that will welcome the Guangzhou International Flora Expo, giving the Flower City its namesake.

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