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The nine-meter-tall treehouse comprises two main components: the two-piece angled painted roof that forms the bird’s body, and the unpainted wooden staircase arranged to look like the bird’s tail. The inspiration for the design began with Bar’s visit to the forest, where he discovered two leaves on the ground folded in the shape of a bird. Thus, the Birds Eye View’s folded roof is painted in varying shades of green to evoke the imagery of a folded leaf. The V-shaped veins of a leaf are recreated as ridges on the birds’s body and tail, as well as in the shape of the viewing platform’s safety railing.

“I wanted the viewers to discover, so this treehouse is built with a few angles. So if you come from one angle in front you are not going to see a bird, you will see a leaf. It will be in different tones of green, and from a distance will be a leaf,” Noma said in a Momofuku Center video interview. “And when you turn you will discover it is actually two leaves, and then that the two leaves form a bird. And then you will discover that you have stairs to go up to view. So it’s constant discoveries.”

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