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We knew the small apartment trend was taking off when we recently spotted this 391 sq. ft. model home pop up at a Brooklyn Ikea, but that looks almost mansion-like compared to Felice Cohen’s 90 sq. ft. UWS studio. In this video by, Ms. Cohen explains that she wanted to live in Manhattan but she didn’t want it to consume her whole bank account. “I’m sure there’s some compromises, but it’s worth it,” she says.

When Cohen first moved in, the woman who was living there before her had filled the tiny space with furniture, and she knew that was definitely not the best configuration. Luckily, Cohen was able to leverage her skills as a professional organizer and build up. She lined one wall of her studio with shelving, which also cleverly incorporates a desk. The opposite wall is exposed brick and provides a nice backdrop for a cozy reading nook.

So where does Ms. Cohen sleep? As you might have guessed, she climbs a ladder up to a comfy loft bed. Although she said that she had a panic attack the first night she slept there, she now loves it and finds it to be a peaceful space where she can relax.

There wasn’t a kitchen in the apartment, so Cohen created her own – a mini fridge, a toaster oven that doubles as banana storage and a hotpot. “In New York City, most people store their laundry in their stoves anyways,” she rationalizes. We think she has a point and since she only pays $700 a month, she probably has a fair amount of her budget left over to allot towards eating out.

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