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The organic shape of the pavilion resembles the structure of a sea urchin, whose superior anatomy and structure have inspired the creation of numerous parametric designs over the years. In the case of this wooden pavilion, the cellular structure of the sea urchin skeleton was translated into a shape made out of 30 D-forms with circular openings. The D-forms were arranged in a voronoi-pattern and intersected to create the final design.

The resulting pavilion was a 7-meter long, 5-meter wide, and 2.6-meter high wooden, lightweight structure made of 6.5 mm thick plywood sheets. Karamba 3D was used to calculate and predict the structural behavior of the pavilion against the sloping site where it was installed.

The openings of the pavilion frame the stunning views of the Alberschwende area in Austria. At night the interior light shines through them and accentuates the structure’s porosity and its complex architecture.

+ University of Innsbruck

Via Karamba 3D