H2PIA really does look like an otherworldly utopia, but the designers make a point of having us know that this is not a fantasy. No, we can have a fully sustainable lifestyle, free of addiction to oil, coal and gas, well before the widely projected date of 2050. If all goes well, H2PIA will begin contruction in 2007.

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Here’s how it works: “The renewable energy comes from solar or wind power and is used to split H2O пїЅ ordinary water пїЅ into H2 and O2 пїЅ hydrogen and oxygen. The oxygen is vented into the atmosphere, which already contains about 20 percent O2. The hydrogen is used in fuel cells that can produce energy, for instance in the form of electricity and heat. In the fuel cell, the energy is created by silent electrochemical processes with no pollution. The only product left over when the hydrogen is used up, is pure water. During periods with low energy demand, we can store the hydrogen. Then, when the wind is not blowing and the sun is not shining, we use the stored hydrogen.”

H2PIA residents will have a number of options for their home: Plugged, Unplugged, Hybrid…and the latter even comes with a hybrid hydrogen car which feeds energy into the community grid when not in use. Besides all the awe-inspiring plans for energy production, the development takes into account many other elements of healthy living, such as public community space, indoor/outdoor home design, abundant greenery, and enough urban infrastructure concentrated in one place to reduce (or eliminate) the need to commute.

I’m sure we’re not the only ones counting down the minutes until we can move in. They may have to build more than one…

+ H2PIA via: The Coolhunter