Look at the headlines – we have financial turmoil all over the world, riots in the UK and someone is remaking . Truly this is the end of world… or pretty close to it. If you are concerned about where you will live once gangs of bikers start roaming the war-ravaged landscape that our planet might become, never fear – for a company called Vivos has created a stylish underground shelter network for “long-term survival in future catastrophes”.

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Advertising their product on the assumption that “a global life-changing event is just ahead”, Vivos offers the assurance that customers (and their families) will be able to survive the next devastating catastrophe that either nature or mankind may create.

The bunkers are located beneath the Mojave desert and are designed to make residents as safe and as comfortable as possible in the event of the apocalypse. The complex is equipped with various facilities including a gym and a prison. Each personal bunker fits four people and is equipped with a flat screen television, a kitchen, and a washing machine. They’re pricey however, with a ‘reservation rate’ of $50,000. Rates for individual reservations are $5,000 for adults and $2,500 for children. Pets, however, are free.

In order to stop potential free-loaders (and gangs of cannibal bikers), the bunker’s exact location is classified, but Vivos owner Robert Vicino is adamant that it is not a scam. He admitted that he got the idea after becoming increasingly worried about earthquakes, terrorism, and the film 2012. “I do not want to promote fear. But, sooner or later, I’m sure we’ll need a refuge,” he said.

He’s not the only one that thinks so, as sales of bunkers have gone up by 1000%.

Click here for a video tour of a bunker.

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