Would you like a military scooter designed for the Latvian military? Yes, you would. “We made it because we couldn’t get it,” says Mosphera founder and CEO Klavs Asmanis. The Mosphera was developed in collaboration with the Federation of Security and Defense Industries in Latvia to create a nimble electric scooter that can go where other scooters can’t. And boy can it do things other scooters can’t do.

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A soldier sitting beside the military scooter

The Mosphera was designed for military special forces, border patrols, and mobility within bases and airports. Now, it’s available to purchase for individuals. Its main claim to fame? Durability.

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The Mosphera driving on the beach against small ocean waves

Mosphera is 100% made in Europe with attention to detail, which means limited production capacity. The scooter has a steel tubular space frame optimized for standup riding. In addition, it has fat tires for offroad with a unique, compact size.

A rider doing a jump with the scooter

The suspension adjusts to the rider for comfort, while linkage allows a configuration where less shock-shaft travel is used in the initial inches of rear-wheel travel than in the final inches. This cushions your ride over small bumps.

The Mosphera being driven down a sand dune

With 45 degrees of hill climb capability and a high ground clearance of seven inches, hydraulic brakes and an eco mode, you’re not going to believe that this scooter also folds for packing in the back of your car.

Lineup of the electric scooters

Meanwhile, the max speed of the 48V version is 44 mph, with the 72V version going up to 62 mph. That is plenty, for a standup scooter. In fact, that outpaces most electric sit-down bikes by a wide margin. The range is 190 or 150 miles, respectively, and the charging time is 9-10 hours. It also weighs 154-163 pounds with a max load of 440 pounds.

Ah yes, price. The lower-end version is $8,350 USD to start, and the higher-end version is $10,350. It’s more than you’d probably spend for a bike for fun on the weekends, but this scooter has serious chops if you have an application for it.

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