The allure of prefab living resides somewhere between its packed-and-parceled, ready-to-go nature, and its scaled-down simplicity. Fully realizing both of these aspects, 70ºN Arkitektur’s XO Mobile Structure embodies an extreme of living simply – or simply living. The gorgeous prefab features a minimalist two-room construction that comes as-is and goes anywhere you please.

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Prefabs encourage an efficient low-consumption lifestyle because they simply have less space to put things. 70ºN Arkitektur believes that “today many people are economical prisoners in their homes. One way out could be to change our way of living. In a small house the focus is on what is actually needed. The house may be a tool for such a change.”

The XBO Mobile Structure is the epitome of this minimalist philosophy. Composed of two movable parts and comprising 36 square meters of space, it was created “to provide a mobile habitat for 2 young people on the move . . . the xbo is an attempt to keep things to a minimum, to stick to the basics and focus on the essential”.

+ 70ºN Arkitektur

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